Terms of RSA Inquiry
Broad themes have emerged from the written submissions received in the investigation into matters in South Africa

The South African federation has released the following statement: 

"The Commission of Inquiry (the Commission) appointed by Swimming South Africa to inquire into, inter alia, the allegations and counter-allegations around the Swimming South Africa swimming team that participated at the Beijing Olympics, met on Thursday, 25 September 2008, to consider, and to discuss written submissions received from coaches, officials, and swimmers in response to the Commission’s invitation.

The following broad themes emerged from the written submissions received to date:

  •       allegations and counter-allegations of a personal nature;
  •          the apparent tension between home-based, and overseas-based swimmers;
  •          allegations of misconduct;
  •          issues relating to the actual performance of the team in Beijing;
  •          the state of readiness of the team in the run up to Beijing;
  •          issues of support structures;
  •          the lack of adequate and proper training facilities; and
  •          allegations of incapacity and incompetence.

"The Commission views these broad themes, and the allegations and counter-allegations, in a very serious light, and is of the opinion that it warrants further inquiry.  To this end, the Commission resolved to invite the relevant coaches and officials to address it on Thursday, 2 October 2008, and also to invite the relevant swimmers to similarly address it orally on Friday, 3 October 2008.  The President, the Chief Executive Officer, and members of the Executive Committee of Swimming SA will also be invited to address the Commission orally in relation to Swimming South Africa’s plans for the Beijing Olympics, and the implementation thereof.

The Commission would like to encourage anyone who would still like to make a contribution, to come forward with written or oral submissions."

 The statement was signed by the inquiry team of Norman Arendse (chair), Kirsten van Heerden and Rowen Meth.