FINA WC Day 9 - Women's Water Polo Match 33 & 34
Women's Water Polo Match 33 & 34

Match 33, Women 12:00, 21.07.03
Classification 9th to 12th
Quarters: 0-3, 2-4, 2-1, 4-3

Referees: Raul Alberto Amaya (BRA), Michael McNeill (AUS)

JAPAN: Akiko Inagaki, Mayu Mimaki (2), Aya Kakoshi (1), Mika Yahagi (1), Mari Kawasaki, Naoko Koiso, Makoto Tanaka (1), Akane Yamazaki (3), Momoko Arai, Machi Yoshioka, Mari Yasumi, Tomoka Gyoten, Miki Numazaki
Coach: Fumiaki Kimura

GERMANY: Simone Budde, Lina Rohe, Theresa Klein, Stefanie Schindelbauer (2), Katrin Dierolf (3), Laura Gruber, Monika Kruszona (3), Sabine Kottig (2), Viktoria Bujka, Ariane Rump (1), Imke Odenthal, Linda Gerrifsen, Barbara Bujka
Coach: Marcel Ter Bals

Germany was made to work for its progression to the semifinals. Japan won the second half 6-3 in what was an enthralling match. A 3-0 opening quarter appeared to be the correct score. Akane Yamazaki drove for 3-1, then Sabine Kottig and Stefanie Schindelbauer scored their second goals soon after. Japan took a timeout and Mayu Mimaki converted off the near post. Germany shot out to 7-2 by halftime through Katrin Dierolf on right-hand catch and Monika Kruszona on extra. Mimaki scored on action at the top of the third. Germany took a timeout and Dierolf converted. Mika Yahagi drove down the right and shot from six metres for 8-4 to round out the period. Then Japan rattled in four goals to two before Germany scored from 12m via Dierolf in the last 11 seconds.

Match 34, Women 13:15, 21.07.03
Classification 9th to 12th
Quarters: 3-0, 3-0, 5-0, 4-2

Referees: Daniel Legare (CAN), Radu Matache (ROM)

BRAZIL: Claudia Graner, Mayla Siracusa, Flavia Fernandes (1), Mariana Roriz, Rubi Palmieri, Maria Cecilia Marques, Tess Oliviera, Marina Canetti, Camila Pedrosa (2), Viviane Costa, Melina Teno (1), Andrea Henriques
Coach: David Hart

GREECE: Georgia Ellinaki, Dmitra Asilian, Sofia Petsali (2), Kiriaki Loisi (3), Amalia Paterou (1), Stavroula Kozomboli (3), Ekaterini Oikonomopoulou, Antigoni Roumpesi (3), Evangelia Moraitidou, Georgia Lara, Stavroula Antonakou (2), Maria-Georgia Kanellopoulou
Coach: Kiriakos Iosifidis

Greece marched into the 9th-10th play-off with a commanding victory over Brazil in their classification match. It now faces Germany, the team it lost to by two goals in group play. Brazil took until the final quarter to breach the Greek defence, and doing so in style with four goals. Brazil was in position and took some good shots but the sea of arms proved impenetrable in the first three quarters as Greece stretched out to 11-0. Once Antigoni Roumpesi scored her second penalty goal for 12-0, Brazil then scored 4-1 with Greece adding the last score. Camila Pedrosa scored from centre forward and on extra for Brazil. Brazil now plays off for 11th against Japan.